Mese significa Menores En Situación Extraordinaria, estamos convencidos de que será a través del estudio como los menores puedan prepararse para lograr una mejor calidad de vida y evitar salir a trabajar en las calles.

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  • Edgar Karim Lara Carranza

    Edgar finished his bachelor’s degree in accounting at the UMSNH. He remained in our ranks of MESE for more than 10 years, in which we both maintained a bond of unity and perseverance.

    “MESE means an important part in my academic training, because thanks to the support that they offered me I was able to continue with my studies. Apart from the financial support, they also worried about supporting me in other issues; they guided me in my formation, with diverse activities, talks, etc.

    To MESE and my sponsors I say thank you very much for everything, and I hope we can continue supporting more young people, who do not have the possibility to continue studying. It is really complicated to have the desire to continue and not be able to do it because of money… I would love that one day, when I am financially stable, to follow this example by helping a child like you did with me.

    Now I will work and continue preparing myself by studying a master’s degree and getting a certification to be as prepared as possible in my career.”

    Edgar Karim
  • María Guadalupe Contreras Lima

    “MESE means for me a place full of people concerned about others, a place where a fraternal atmosphere is breathed. It has benefited me in many aspects, such as economical, moral, and in friendship. The affection that MESE has offered me has been the best. My aspirations are high; I would like to be a doctor of souls, helping other people through my profession (Psychology). I know that in order to reach my goals I must concretize my ideas and keep trying hard to get a scholarship, and then a master’s degree.

    I would like to say that I thank you infinitely for all the attention you have given me, and that I hope with all my heart that God will multiply your help.”

  • Alma Lilia Orduña Villaseñor

    Alma is currently licensed in Educational Psychology, and we proudly say that it is one of our “MESE success cases”.

    “I joined MESE when I was 13 years old. Here I learned many things. The most important thing was, without a doubt, to value the little I had, and my family even more, because at that time there were many children who did not have a father or mother. I remember a camp in Ixtapa where we shared our life experiences and were surprised by the problems of others because I did not have money like them. Luckily, I had a family.”

    Alma Lilia
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