Proyectos Fijos

Economical support

provide minors with a monthly scholarship...

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Pedagogical support

Provide knowledge and skills that contribute to improving education ...

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Psychological Support

Proporcionar orientación vocacional, terapias individuales y familiares que favorezcan el desarrollo...

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Legal advice

Advise on matters related to families such as parental authority, pension ...

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Support to reduce the sociocultural disadvantage

Provide minors and their families with guidance, courses, talks and workshops aimed toward integral development.

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Medical support

Diagnose, reestablish and preserve the physical health of the beneficiaries through medical care ...

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Support in raiment, shelter and general supplies

Providing children with scholarships and their families with warm clothing and clothing and supplies for the home...

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Diagnose the nutritional status of our scholars, guide them with talks on healthy food and deliver ...

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